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Apple event: Everything to expect at ‘Far Out’ live event, including iPhone 14, Watch and more

Apple event: Everything to expect at ‘Far Out’ live event, including iPhone 14, Watch and more
27.08.2022 09:09

Apple is holding a major event, titled “Far Out”, where it is expected to unveil a range of products.

The launch will take place on 7 September, and be streamed live from its Apple Park campus. It will also be held as a proper in-person event for the first time since the pandemic, according to the company’s invitations.

While Apple is yet to reveal anything at all about what it might be announcing, there are plenty of clues about what is to come.


Here’s everything you need to know about that “Far Out” event, and what Apple might announce.

iPhone 14

If the new iPhone – or, rather, four different versions of it – does not appear, then it would be a major shock. This is basically confirmed, though Apple of course will not say so until it actually makes the announcement.

The update will primarily focus on the Pro version of the phone, rumours suggest. That will include a new design and improved cameras.

But the non-Pro phone will get an update, too – including the ending of the “Mini” size, and the introduction of a new one.

As ever, those iPhones are likely to be the star of the show. But just as in recent years, the upgrades might be minimal, and Apple might focus on other products more.

You can read all the latest rumours about the new handsets here.

Apple Watch

Or, more likely, five different ones. In addition to the usual updates – a version of Watch in two different materials, and in two different sizes – Apple is preparing to add a new model to the line-up.

That is rumoured to be a “Pro” watch, which will include a bigger display without extending the size of the Watch itself, as well as a more rugged design.

It is less clear what updates will be coming to the Apple Watch Series 8. Rumours have suggested that it will include a slightly bigger display of its own, a new chip, and possible health sensors, such as one for body temperature.

New AirPods Pro

The AirPods Pro have been the same since they were first released in 2019. And while there are few complaints about them, new features are expected to arrive this year.

They could have new fitness tracking features, thanks to improved motion sensors, as well as making use of new wireless capabilities for better sound. And they could also get a new physical design, more in line with the Beats Fit Pro, which sit more cosily inside the ear.

It is not certain that these earphones will arrive at the September event. Apple is rumoured to be holding an October event, too, and the AirPods could easily be pushed into that one.

New software updates

Apple revealed iOS 16 and watchOS 9 in June. They come with a range of features, such as new lock screens – which appear to have been built in part to take advantage of the rumoured always-on display for the new iPhone.

But we don’t know yet when they will be arriving. Apple only said, as ever, that it will come in the “Fall”.

Usually, the new software is released a day or two before the new products, however, and Apple says exactly when during the iPhone event. That will probably be the case this year, too.

What we probably won’t get is a release date for iPadOS 16. Apple has already said that will be delayed, seemingly because it is not yet finished

New iPads and Macs?

Probably not. There’s a lot already rumoured for the September event, and Apple tends to want to ensure that its big products get their time to shine.

The widely rumoured new iPads and Macs – which would include a new iPad Pro, as well as new Macs with the recently revealed M2 chip – will probably get their own event, in October. (That would line up with the above delay on the release of iPadOS 16, too.)

Augmented reality

Apple’s plans for AR have hovered over all of its recent events. The rumours that is building its own headset are so strong as to be basically confirmed, but Apple has not said so explicitly.

Could there be at least hints of it in the September event? Maybe. Perhaps that’s what the “Far Out” in the name means – a hint at the fact we will be getting a preview but the rumoured 2023 release date is still a long way off.

But, again, Apple does tend to like to give new products their time in the spotlight. So it might opt to focus on the iPhone and Watch in the September event, and reveal the AR updates at a more focused event later on.


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