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The pound’s collapse against the dollar has coincided with a resurgent crypto market that has seen the price of bitcoin shoot up by more than 10 per cent in recent days, leading some market commentators to suggest that the fiat currency’s weakness was helping drive up the price of the...
28.09.2022 05:44
Elon Musk has celebrated Nasa’s success in colliding with an asteroid with a joke tweet about Will Smith. Mr Musk’s post came the day after Nasa’s DART mission successfully smashed into the object, with a view to testing out how the space agency might divert the course of a similar...
27.09.2022 23:44
A child psychiatrist has told an inquest the self-harm material viewed on social media by Molly Russell before she died left him “not able to sleep well for a few weeks”. Dr Navin Venugopal said the “very disturbing, distressing” content Molly had engaged with would “certainly affect her and made...
27.09.2022 17:42
At 7.14pm EDT, Nasa made history by slamming a spacecraft into an asteroid, marking the first time life on Earth has altered the course of a heavenly body. Nasa’s Double Asteroid Redirection Test spacecraft, or Dart, slammed into the asteroid Dimorphos at 14,400 miles per hour to test whether the...
27.09.2022 11:41
Twitter has accused Elon Musk of hiding secret late-night texts he sent to business mogul Larry Ellison before pausing a deal to buy the social media platform. The Tesla titan and the Oracle co-founder swapped text messages “into the easy morning hours” before he announced he was putting the $44bn...
27.09.2022 05:40
An artist’s illustration of Nasa’s Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) mission as it closes in on the asteroid Dimorphos (Nasa) Nasa‘s asteroid-deflecting DART spacecraft is closing in to its target on Monday, 10 months after launch. The test of the world’s first planetary defense system will determine how prepared we...
26.09.2022 23:39
The new iPhone 14 will be made in China, Apple has said. Apple is just the latest manufacturer to move away from Chinese manufacturing, which has become more difficult in recent years amid trade wars and pandemic lockdowns. Those problems have led to supply problems with many in-demand products, including...
26.09.2022 17:38
Tesla chief Elon Musk is set to answer Twitter’s questions under oath in a deposition scheduled for the next few days. The deposition comes ahead of an October trial that will determine if the multibillionaire must carry through with his bid to buy the social media company for $44 billion....
26.09.2022 11:38
Design plans for a zero emission 100% electric “flying” ferry have been unveiled. The EF-24 Passenger vessel uses cutting-edge hydrofoil technology to lift the craft out of the water, enabling it to sail above the waves. Maritime design company Artemis Technologies has described it as a “game changer” for the...
26.09.2022 05:36
Scientists have built microscopic robots equipped with electronic “brains” that are capable of walking autonomously. A team from Cornell University in the US developed the solar-powered bots as part of research into a new generation of tiny devices that can perform roles ranging from performing microsurgery, to cleaning the inside...
25.09.2022 05:31
Nasa is just hours away from the culmination of its Double Asteroid Redirection Test, or Dart mission, which will see a spacecraft slam into an asteroid on Monday evening in a bid to prove it’s possible to change the space rock’s trajectory in space. It’s a first of its kind...
24.09.2022 23:30